TSSA/BSA: Live browsing an Extended Object fails with error - "/bin/bash: /tmp/_XXXXXXXX-XX-XX-custom_script: Permission denied"

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    When live browsing an Extended Object on a Linux or Unix system I see an error similar to the below:

    /bin/bash: /tmp/_XXXXXXXX-XX-XX-custom_script: Permission denied

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    noexec on /tmp folder


    On the target system, confirm the /tmp directory is not mounted with the noexec option.

    This shows that /tmp is mounted with noexec, otherwise you will not see noexec in the output.

    mount | grep /tmp /dev/sda6 on /tmp type ext4 (rw,nodev,noatime,nodiratime,noexec)
    If   /tmp is mounted with   noexec that you must copy and execute the script to another partition without the   noexec.  If the Extended Object calls   scriptutil, pass in the alternate location with the   -d flag.  
    scriptutil -h ??TARGET.NAME?? -d /var/tmp
    You may be able to use the STAGING_DIR property,  if the value of that property points to a partition mounted without   noexec
    scriptutil -h ??TARGET.NAME?? -d ??TARGET.STAGING_DIR??



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