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    Additional File used to fix AR Upgrade installation failure.


    Steps to use:

    a.Revert DB and file system back to pre-upgrade stage.

    b.Make sure that pre-requisites followed:

    c. Use same workaround as in previous attempts as suggested in KB.

    Remedy - Server - AR upgrade to 1908 failing on linux server with error "arserver.installer.preupgrade.descriptionFailed…

    d.Use same Instrumentation binary jar file as before.

    e. Delete all files in the TMPDIR directory where the arsystem_install_log.txt file is generated.
    rm -rf /apps/remedy/bmc/tmpdir/*

    f .Run installer in pause mode.

    Remedy - Server - How to install ARServer using Pause Mode
    ./setup.bin -Dbmc.install.PAUSE_MODE=true

    g. During first pause,
    go to AR Server Install DIR/lib/upgradeutils
    Take a backup of 'activemq-osgi-5.15.9.jar'
    Copy attached 'activemq-osgi-5.15.9.jar'. Zip file with Jar file attached to case for downloading.
    Give appropriate permissions:
    chmod 755 activemq-osgi-5.15.9.jar

    h. Resume from the pause and continue installation.



    Known defect which is fixed in 20.02 for which workaround has been provided. (changes in 'activemq-osgi-5.15.9.jar').
    Defect SW00564097 - AR Upgrade Installation failed.


    While running upgrade utility we load all the jars in "lib/upgradeutils/" folder in random order (we provide './lib/upgradeutils/*' as classpath option in

    In upgradeutils folder there were total 96 jars present. Out of these 96 jars 10 jars are here which have spring.schemas file in its META-INF folder

    So what happens, whenever this "activemq-osgi-5.15.10.jar" loaded before of "org.apache.servicemix.bundles.spring-beans-5.0.6.RELEASE_1.jar", proper entries of key-value pairs of these .xsd file locations are overridden and it works properly.
    But if "activemq-osgi-5.15.10.jar" loaded after "org.apache.servicemix.bundles.spring-beans-5.0.6.RELEASE_1.jar", improper entries of key-value pairs of these .xsd file locations are overridden and it throws exception. (Root cause of failure in this issue)
    Reference Exception : org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: schema_reference.4: Failed to read schema document '', because 1) could not find the document; 2) the document could not be read; 3) the root element of the document is not .

    Load activemq-osgi-5.15.10.jar first explicitly in classpath. (eg : -cp './lib/upgradeutils/activemq-osgi-5.15.10.jar:./lib/upgradeutils/*')
    Defect SW00563701

    This will be fixed in ARS 20.02