TSSR-SA: TrueSight Smart Reporting - No Access No data was found matching this report's Access Filter

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    TrueSight Smart Reporting - Server Automation


    TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation


    TrueSight Smart Reporting 19.02 and later releases


    "No Access No data was found matching this report's Access Filter" error when running TrueSight Smart Reporting (TSSR-SA) reports or dashboards.


    Primary root cause of the issue is TrueSight Smart Reporting Access Filters are unable to fetch data from warehouse. This could be due to Access Filters not refreshed (updated) or Access Filters could be missing or not created


    1. Check the Data Warehouse Component is successfully registered with TrueSight Smart Reporting (TSSR). To verify this, login to TrueSight Smart Reporting url https://hostname:8443/tsr as default credentials "admin/admin12345".
    Upon login, the page should display the registered component with status as "connected" (as shown below).

    Registered Component with Status

    2.  Check that the "System Admin" account is added as part of "Client Organization" from the Administration of registered Data Warehouse component.
    To verify this, follow below steps:

     a) Login to TrueSight Smart Reporting Administration using URL https://hostname:8443/tsr and as "admin/admin12345"
     b) Launch "Admin Console" from drop down menu of the top right hand side signed in "admin" user.
     c) Choose "Default" for "Multi-tenant Login"  and click "Login". This will login as "System Administrator" account into to Smart Reporting 
     d) Click on "Administration" and from drop down menu, click "Client Organizations"
    Client Organizations

     e) List of components in the Client Organization appears.
        By default it lists two components  1) default 2) TrueSight Server Automation DW
        Click on the "TrueSight Server Automation Data Warehouse" component

    Client Organizations
    f) Under "Users" section, click on "Add" user button and search for "System Administrator" and "Save" the change.
    Upon adding "System Administrator" user, it appears like below. (Please note that you can search here for any TSSA Account which as reporting roles granted and used in reporting activity.)

    3. Close the TrueSight Smart Reporting browser window that is launched after Multi-tenant login of "Default", as System Administrator account and go back to the True Sight Smart Reporting Admin console (admin/admin12345) login browser window and launch "Admin Console" again.

    4. This time, choose "TrueSight Server Automation at the "Multi-tenant Login" screen and Login.
    5. From the home page click on the "menu" icon to find "Administration" and "Admin Console" menu items and click on Admin Console.

    6. On the right hand side of the page, Configuration and Administration sections appears which shows "Schedule Management" under "Administration" as shown below. Click on "Schedule Management"
    7. List of Access Filters with "Run Now" and "Refresh" buttons and option to "Select All / Deselect All" appears
    8. Please select all Access Filters available and click "Run Now" or "Refresh". (It will take few minutes to complete).
    9. Now, log off from the Smart Reporting login session and re-launch "Reports" from TSSA-DW url https://hostname:9443/tssa-dw
    10. Login as BLAdmn user with "Global Report Admins" role  (GRA)  and run Reports and Dashboard. 
    11. Browse All Reports and run OS Inventory Report from Inventory domain.
    12. The report data should appear and "No Access No data was found matching this report's Access Filter" error should not appear.

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