TSSA/BSA: How to configure a global setting to change the default value presented to TSSA users for Job Parallelism

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    When creating a new job in TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA), the user is presented with a default value for job parallelism. How can this default value be changed at a global level?




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    You can set this setting through blasadmin command.
    Run the following on appserver followed by restarting the appserver.

    See the following section of the TSSA documentation:





    Global default value for job parallelism made available to the user

    This parameter has no direct effect on the operation of the Application Server. Rather, it is the default value that appears in the UI for a job's maximum parallelism option, when that option is selected.

    The recommended value is 30. In a large environment, you might want to set a lower number to constrain how many WorkItemThreads a single job can consume by default.

    Note: This setting is not applied to File Deploy Jobs and Network Shell Script Jobs.


    blasadmin set Jobfactory GlobalDefaultJobParallelism  <number of targets>

    Restart the TSSA Application Servers after changing this value. 


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