How to Avoid Duplicated Attachments on Email Conversation on BMC Helix Remedyforce

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    How to avoid Duplicated attachments on email conversation on BMC Helix Remedyforce?

    When User A sends an email from the activity feed on an incident, then User B will reply to this email, he will put in CC another person (User C) and also will paste an image (Or some other file) on the body of the email. This image will be saved on the incident as an attachment once it reaches the incident.
    If for some reason User C replies back (using reply all) to the email from User B , this new email will go to the conversation of the incident as well, however the image on the body of the email (or the file) will be reinserted in the incident, duplicating the attachments on the incident record.

    If User C replies back, but also inserts another image to the email, it would duplicate the first image and the new image is ready to be duplicated if user B replies back duplicating image 1 and 2 once again.
    Please see example below:
    User-added image



    Users should not paste images or files directly into the body of the email. Use the "add attachment" option instead in your email, this will allow to insert files into the incident through email conversation without duplicating them. 

    Also you may support this idea on BMC communities requesting to change this behavior.

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