How to Bypass the BMC Helix Remedyforce Managed Validation Rule Cannot_Update_Closed_Incident

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    How can we Modify a Field on a Closed Record by skipping the Managed Validation Rule "Cannot_Update_Closed_Incident"?


    Create a New Validation Rule that allows users to modify closed Incidents

    1. Go to Setup > Objects > Incident
    2. Validation Rules
    3. Clone the Managed Validation Rule called "Cannot_Update_Closed_Incident"
    4. Add below criteria:

        AND( NOT(ISCHANGED(BMCServiceDesk__RF_HasAttachments__c)),
        NOT( PRIORVALUE(BMCServiceDesk__state__c)),
        NOT(ISCHANGED( BMCServiceDesk__Total_Duration__c ) ) ,
        NOT(ISPICKVAL(TaskStatus__c, "ASSIGNED")),
        NOT( ISNEW( )),
        NOT(AND( ISCHANGED(BMCServiceDesk__dueDateTime__c),
        NOT(BMCServiceDesk__state__c), (LastModifiedDate - BMCServiceDesk__closeDateTime__c) < 0.0003 , (LastModifiedDate - BMCServiceDesk__closeDateTime__c) > -0.1 )) )

    5. Save
    6. Verify the field can be modified on a close record

    NOTE: Deactivate the Original Validation Rule and active the cloned one

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