How do I create a graph in MainView Explorer

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    How do I create a graph in MainView Explorer


    Below is an example on how to create a graph in MainView Explorer. This Knowledge Article will explain the steps to create it.

    To start, open the view for which you will create a graph.

    Below is the STBFRPL view from MainView for DB2 with context All set: 
    User-added image

    For creating a graph click the “Open a chart for this view” button from the toolbar
    User-added image
    The default graph will appear:

    User-added image

    For further customisation either right click somewhere in the view and choose Properties or click “Open a properties window for this view
    User-added image

    For this example we have typed DB2 instance in Y-axis field and # buffers in X-axis field. You can also specify Graph type here, rather than using the toolbar:

    User-added image

    You can change the Font, Color, Background as you like and activate Auto-Refresh if required, before you press Enter:

    User-added image

    Now right click on the STBFRPL-tab and save your customized view, specify a view name and a description.

    User-added image

    You will find your view under the MVDB2 product, Cust User folder

    User-added image
    The graphical view will be saved in conjunction with your view and it appears by hitting the Open chart bottom.


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