BBDDI056W Unable to connect to the CAS

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    MainView for z/OS


    Recently upgraded our Mainview suite to the latest version and now we are not able to browse the Mainview for z/OS and CMF MONITOR screens after that.

    Getting the below error messages:
    BBMXC735E Unable to locate service point
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    Message BBMXC735E indicates either the CAS or PAS is not running correctly.


    Make sure the CAS is always started before the PAS. 

    To verify take a look at both your CAS and PAS joblogs.  If you see these messages in your PAS, then the PAS is not connecting to the CAS:

    02.42.46 STC49547 *BBDDI056W Unable to connect to the CAS for   10 minutes
    02.42.46 STC49547 *BBDDI060E Connection to CAS not established - use DC=START

    Presumably the CAS failed or was shutdown.  Next, take a look at the time when the CAS was restarted:


    After a CAS recycle and message BBDDI060E appears, issuing a MODIFY pasname,DC=START would be enough.  But if the CAS is COLD started, the PAS MUST be recycled. This is because it retains pointer to common CAS control blocks that are reused when a CAS is restarted WITHOUT a COLD start, but cannot be reused if the CAS is COLD started.  There is a check for this and if the DC=START was issued after the CAS COLD start, a message indicating this would be issued.


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