Configuring ASSO with IDP initiated SAML integration

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    BMC Atrium Single Sign On


    BMC Atrium Single Sign On



    How to integrate Atrium SSO (ASSO) with SAML using IDP initiated login.






    Most of our customers use SP initiated login process, which works fine with all internal embedded links. This customer wanted to use IDP initiated login process.

    Usually in SP initiated login, ASSO checks the user validity and forwards the request to IDP for login.

    In SP initiated process, users login first to IDP using their standard login screen and after that IDP posts the SAML response to ASSO.

    In IDP initiated login you still need to do the IDP configuration and SP configuration as usual. Instead of typing


    customers will type a different url that will take them to IDP login screen. e.g.,


    IDP_LOGIN_URL is URL of the login link. Provided by customer's IDP team
    PartnerSpId=Parameter for IDP login URL. This can change from customer to customer. The value of this parameter is the name of Service Provider you define in ASSO.
    TARGET=Name of the parameter, whose value will be the MidtierURL. Name of parameter can change from customer to customer. Value of this parameter is mid tier url. e.g., http://mid_tier_host_name:8080/arsys



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