How to perform graphic explain in new BMC Workbench for Db2

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    BMC Workbench for DB2


    BMC Wokrbech for Db2 with BQU1678 applied


    How to perform graphic explain in New workbench for Db2



    BMC Workbench is currently being converted from Adobe flash to HTML5. Classic workbench functionality is being added to New Workbench in a phased implementation, and new functionality is only being implemented in New Workbench.
    During the conversion phase, both the Classic Workbench and the New Workbench are available, and can be launched from different URLs


    In the New Workbench the SQL Analysis app (PTF BQU1678 applied) displays the top 100 SQL statements for a subsystem that use the most CPU time.  The selected SQL statement can then be explained and the explain tree is displayed in text format. However the graphical representation of the explain is available in classic but not the new workbench.
    To create the graphical explain until the conversion is complete, it is necessary to:


    • Launch Classic Workbench

    • Open the performance perspective

    • Add a new SQL statement view

    • Cut and paste the SQL text from the New workbench

    • Click the lightbulb to explain the SQL as usual




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