Midtier - Incorrect dates when using Brazil timezone

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server




    Midtier not showing the time accurate in fields when using Brazil timezone. 


    In 2019 Brazil decided to cancel the Daylight Saving Time, then midtier started to show incorrect time in some fields when SaoPaulo timezone was used.


    This problem has been identified and tagged with this ID SW00563918 the permanent solution for this will be added in an upcoming release, however you can manually fix the problem by following the next steps:

    • In the midtier server go to <MidtierFolder>\resources\standard\javascript\timezone and do a backup of the timezone folder
    • Also make a backup of the file icu4j.jar located in <MidtierFolder>\WEB-INF\lib
    • Unzip the attached file and drop the icu4j.jar file and the whole timezone folder to the paths mentioned above.
    • Restart the midtier
    This should fix the problem.  



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