BMC Client Management console does not launch from Footprints after BCM update to version 12.8 build 190124r

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    Footprints 12.X, 20.X, 11.X all versions


    As we can see in the 12.8.1901 release notes -
    If you use BMC Remedyforce or BMC FootPrints with BMC Client Management, you must wait until the release of BMC Remedyforce Winter 19 or BMC FootPrints version 20.19.01 before upgrading to BMC Client Management 12.8 patch 2 in order to launch the BCM console from BMC Remedyforce and BMC FootPrints. The current releases of BMC Footprints and BMC Remedyforce are not compatible with BMC Client Management 12.8 patch 2, due to the introduction of the new BMC Client Management web start installer.
    Now, for the users who have applied this BCM update anyways, or if they have installed BCM 12.8.190124r from scratch, there is a workaround available :


    This is only a workaround until we have the official support for OpenJDK in March 2019.
    1 – Complete backup of the BCM Master files and database (VM snapshot if hosted in virtual environment)
    2 - Download the 12.8 build 181122n files (attached)
    3 – Stop the BCM Master agent service.
    4 – replace these files and folders on the Master with the ones from the zip attached :

    • ../ bin
    • ../ modules
    • ../ui/console
    • ../data/Vision64Database/reports/common/chl/common.chl
    When prompted, confirm and replace existing files. 
    5 – Edit the ../Master/config/ vision64database.ini file and search for line that says “MinVersion =” and set the value   from 190124r   to 181122n 
    6 – Restart BCM Master agent service. 
    This is a temporary rollback to a version when the console.jnlp was still in use. 


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