Insufficient permission to execute action GetDefaultFormSeqForCurrentGroup

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    Track-It! 2019 R3


    Track-It! 20.19.03


    While trying to new master item to a Purchase Order in Track-It! 2019 R3, the following Error is received:

    "Insufficient permission to execute action GetDefaultFormSeqForCurrentGroup"

    NOTE: The Error is only received when Logged in as a Technician without "System Administrator" privilege.


    This is a known issue which has not yet been rectified in the current version of the product.


    Workaround: A possible workaround would be to provide the Technician Account with the System Administrator right. The following article shall assist with this:

    How to give a Technician "System Administrator" Permissions/Privileges in Track-It! 2018

    If you are experiencing this issue, please open a new support case and refer to Track-It! Defect number DRZOZ-19430: Insufficient permission to execute action GetDefaultFormSeqForCurrentGroup error pop's up when non SA user Add new master item.

    Your case will be associated with the defect, and you will be able to view the defect status in your case in the Defects/RFEs/CARs section.

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