MainView for z/OS - Understand history datasets and associated Views for Regular, Long-term and Short-term periods.

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    MainView for z/OS


    MainView for z/OS - Understand history datasets and associated Views for Regular, Long-term and Short-term periods.



    Understand history datasets and associated Views for Regular, Long-term and Short-term periods.

    Mainview z/OS can have different historical datasets :

    • Regular Historical datasets

    • Long-Term Historical datasets

    • Short-Term Historical datasets


    View DSLISTZ visualize the 3 types of historical datasets :  


     19DEC2019  03:22:32 -------------------------------- MAINVIEW WINDOW INTERFACE (V6.3.00) ------------------------------------------
     CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                                                                                
      W1 =DSLISTZ===========BMCA=====*========19DEC2019==03:22:32====MVMVS====D====3====================================================
     C Interval Recorder Service Task   Num DDName                                                                                      
     - Description--------------------- DS- Root                                                                                        
       Regular Historical Data            3 HISTDS                                                                                      
       Long-term Historical Data          3 HST1DS                                                                                      
       Short-term Historical Data         3 HST2DS                                                                                      



    You can zoom on each view to visualize names, status and depths of recording :

    • DSLIST view is giving the list of history datasets defined for Regular History

    • DSLISTL view is giving the list of history datasets defined for Long-Term History

    • DSLISTS view is giving the list of history datasets defined for Short-Term History


    If you need to visualize all views associated with Long-term historical datasets : Enter LONGTERM in the command line.
    You will get the list of all views associated with Long-term historical datasets.

      19DEC2019  02:33:49 -------------------------------- MAINVIEW WINDOW INTERFACE (V6.3.00) ------------------------------------------
    CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                                                                               
     W1 =LONGTERM==========BMCA=====*========19DEC2019==02:33:48====MVMVS====D===50====================================================
    C View Name  Description                                                                                                          
    - ---------- ------------------------------                                                                                       
      DDJOBL     Devices delaying jobs Long ter                                                                                       
      DEVINFLZ   Device Overview Summary Long T                                                                                       
      DEVINFOL   Device Overview Long Term                                                                                            
      DEVSTALZ   Device Activity Summary Long T                                                                                        
      DEVSTATL   Device Activity Long Term                                                                                            
      DUJOBL     Devices used by Jobs Long term                                                                                        
      JCPUL      Job CPU Utilization Long Term                                                                                        
      JCPULZ     Job CPU Use Summary Long Term                                                                                         
      JDDEVL     Jobs delayed by devices Long t                                                                                       
      JDDEVLZ    Jobs delayed by Devices summ L                                                                                        
      JDELAYL    Job Delay Long Term                                                                                                  
      JDELAYLZ   Job Delay Summary Long Term                                                                                           
      JFLOWL     Job Workflow Long Term                                                                                               
      JFLOWLZ    Job Workflow Summary Long Term                                                                                        
      JINFOL     Job Detail Long Term                                                                                                 
      JINFOLZ    Job Summary Detail Long Term                                                                                          
      JIOL       Job I/O Utilization Long Term                                                                                        
      JIOLZ      Job I/O Use Summary Long Term                                                                                         
      JOVERL     Job Overview Long Term                                                                                               
      JOVERLZ    Job Overview Summary Long Term                                                                                        
    COMMAND  ===>                                                                                                     SCROLL ===> PAGE
     F1=HELP              F2=SPLIT             F3=EXIT              F4=CKPANELS          F9=SWAP             F12=CANCEL               

    If you need to visualize all views associated with SHORT-TERM history files: Enter SHORTERM in the command line.
    You will get the list of all views associated with Short-term history datasets.  


    19DEC2019  03:01:36 -------------------------------- MAINVIEW WINDOW INTERFACE (V6.3.00) ------------------------------------------
     CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                                                                                
      W1 =SHORTERM==========BMCA=====*========19DEC2019==03:01:36====MVMVS====D===33====================================================
     C View Name  Description                                                                                                           
     - ---------  --------------------------------------                                                                               
       DEVINFOS   Device Overview - Short-term                                                                                         
       DEVINFSZ   Device Overview Summary - Short-term                                                                                 
       DEVSTASZ   Device Activity Summary - Short-term                                                                                 
       DEVSTATS   Device Activity - Short-term                                                                                          
       JCPUS      Job CPU Usage - Short-term                                                                                           
       JCPUSZ     Job CPU Usage Summary - Short-term                                                                                    
       JDCPUS     Job CPU delays - short-term                                                                                          
       JDCPUSZ    Job CPU delays summary - short-term                                                                                   
       JDELAYS    Job Delays - Short-term                                                                                              
       JDELAYSZ   Job Delays Summary - Short-term                                                                                       
       JINFOS     Job Details - Short-term                                                                                             
       JINFOSZ    Job Details Summary - Short-term                                                                                      
       JSTORS     Job Storage Usage - Short-term                                                                                       
       JSTORSZ    Job Storage Usage - Short-term Summary                                                                                
       LPARGRPS   LPAR Capacity Groups - Short-term                                                                                    
       LPARGRSZ   LPAR Capacity Groups - Short-term Sum                                                                                
       LPARSTAS   LPAR Status - Short-term                                                                                              
       LPARSTSZ   LPAR Status - Short-term Summary                                                                                     
       SYSFRISZ   System Frames Detail Sum - Short-term                                                                                 
       SYSFRMIS   System Frames Detail- Short-term                                                                                     
     COMMAND  ===>                                                                                                     SCROLL ===> PAGE
      F1=HELP              F2=SPLIT             F3=EXIT              F4=CKPANELS          F9=SWAP             F12=CANCEL               




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