How to continue to see MainView for Db2 detail trace data after the trace has been stopped ?

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    After starting a detail trace for an active long running thread, it is possible to see detail events by invoking LTRAC display from CT (Current Traces) and hyperlinking from an entry with status ‘INCMP’ to the DTRAC display. When the trace is stopped, using the same navigation from CT results in LTRAC being empty and message DZ3118W being issued. What is the cause and how is it possible to see the detail events as before ?


    Using ‘Current Traces’, a user looks at a buffer that does not contain any data before the thread terminates and the accounting trace record is received. However, when trace logging is used (which is the default and also used in the above case) a data collection buffer is written to the Trace Log Data Set (TLDS) as soon as it is filled, together with a dummy accounting record causing an INCMP entry in LTRAC (visible using History Traces application). As long as the trace is still active, it is possible to look at data on the TLDS from the Current Traces application; MVDB2 does this automatically for active threads from LTRAC (visible by ‘Entries in dataset’ rather than ‘Entries in Buffer’). Once the trace is stopped while the thread is still active, this technique is no longer supported. As the display buffer does not contain any data (see above), using CT now results in the DZ3118W message.
    The solution is to simply use the History Traces application only in this case after the trace is stopped.   


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