How to display historical data in any MainView Explorer

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    How to display historical data in MainView Explorer



    Below is an example on how to display historical data in MainView Explorer. This Knowledge Article will explain the steps to navigate and display historical data in a view.

    For example, below is the CFLOW view from MainView for CICS
    User-added image
    Use the blue left arrow to go backward one interval and the right blue arrow to go forward one interval. Use the light blue in between to go directly to current interval.

    User-added image
    In the bottom of the screen you can see the timestamp of the current display.

    The default interval for this view is 15 minutes. To show data for 3 hours you click the Properties button (third from left)

    User-added image

    Click the Time tab. Change duration to 3 and choose hours instead of intervals. Click Apply.
    User-added image

    Double click on the Workload column to sort descending.
    User-added image

    To see how much history is retained in your configuration, display the historical datasets allocated by issuing the DSLIST command:
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