In Pentaho Spoon When Modifying the Staging Form Old Relationships to be Deleted and New Relationships to be formed?

Version 3
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    We have a Staging Form where we have 4 fields of IP Address separately.


    and We are able to create Computer System and 4 IPEndpoint Records for the same.

    We also created Relationships for 4 IPEndpoint Records in BMC.CORE:BMC_HostedAccessPoint.

    And after that we have unrelated (Mark as Deleted =Yes) those records from BMC.CORE:BMC_HostedAccessPoint when Status = Disposed.


    Now when we update one of the IP Address field in Staging Form ,New Record of IP gets created in BMC.CORE:BMC_IPEndpoint Form and New Relationship should be formed with BMC.CORE:BMC_HostedAccessPoint. And Old Relationships for IP Address should be deleted.



    In Pentaho Spoon We have used BMC.CORE:BMCComputerSytem Form and Merged with the Staging Form and then merged it twice, one with BMC Dependency Form and other with IPEndpoint Form . Now Used Merged Row differences and then filtered on Flagfield = Deleted and then  Set Mark as Deleted to Yes in BMC Dependency Form.


    Please check the same and its working fine.


    Please confirm if we have any other Suggestions.



    Vikas Mishra