MVPAS Initializtion Messages

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    During MVPAS Initialization Messages are these ok?


    BBDDA070I CRYPTO data collecting terminated. CHSC failed
    BBDDA097I RLS Not Active. RLS collector will sleep until RLS is activated
    BBDDA151I PCIE collector turned off : No PCIE devices allocated

    The MainView for z/OS PAS messages are perfectly normal UNLESS they have a Crypto co-processor attached to LPAR, are using VSAM RLS, or have PCIE devices.  Each of these messages indicates the lack of the indication feature or hardware.  Each of the messages associated with the PAS address space entered in this case are explained below.  This information can be found using the MainView for z/OS Dialog; selecting option M “MESSAGES” Messages and Codes from the “z/OS and USS Solutions” Primary panel; illustrated in FIGURE 1; below.

    MESSAGE  BBDDA070I                                              
    TEXT     CRYPTO data collecting terminated. CHSC failed.        
    REASON   The CHSC macro, which is issued by Data Collector      
             initialization, returned no information for PCI        
             Cryptographic Coprocessors. Therefore, cryptographic   
             information will not be collected.                     
    SYSTEM   This message will be issued only once.                 
    ACTION   The MVS PAS data collector initialization               
             continues without a CRYPTO collector.                  
    USER     No action is required if the collection of cryptographic
    ACTION   information is not desired.                             
    ORIGIN   BBM0DC76  
     MESSAGE BBDDA097I                                                       

    TEXT     RLS Not Active.  RLS collector will sleep until RLS is activated
    REASON   The VSAM RLS Data Collector detected that RLS is not active in  
             the z/OS System.                                                
    SYSTEM   The RLS Data Collector will periodically check for VSAM RLS     
    ACTION   being activated, at which point it will start collecting        
    USER     If RLS in not going to be used, simply ignore this message.     
    ORIGIN    BBD0DC01                                                                                                                                                    
     MESSAGE  BBDDA151I                                                  
    TEXT     PCIE Collector turned off : ttttttttttttt                  
    REASON   The PCIE collector will be turned off. The ttttttttttttt   
             text describes the reason such as "PCIE no devices" or     
             "PCIE error encountered". If a PCIE error is encountered,  
             a BBDDA150E message will be issued to describe it.         
             If PCIE becomes active or transient errors go away, the    
             PCIE collector will be turned back on.                     
    SYSTEM   Activate PCIE, fix PCIE error, or wait for transient error 
    ACTION   to go away so PCIE collection is turned on.                
    USER     Look for message BBDDA152I at subsequent collection interval
    ACTION   which will indicate problem has been fixed and the PCIE    
             collector has resumed.                                      
    ORIGIN   BBM0DC2F                                                   

    FIGURE 1: 
    ---------------------------- z/OS and USS Solutions -----
    OPTION  ===>                                            
          1  MVzOS        MAINVIEW for z/OS                 
          2  MVUSS        MAINVIEW for Unix System Services 
          3  CMF          CMF MONITOR                       
          4  SYSPROG      MAINVIEW SYSPROG Services         
          5  CSMON        Common Storage Monitor             
          6  CMFMON       CMFMON Realtime Analysis 
          H  CMFMONHD     CMFMON Historical Data            

          7  CMFUTIL      CMF Extractor Online Utilities    
          8  ANALYZER     Generate CMF Analyzer Batch Reports
          E  ALERTS       Alert Management                  
       General Services                                     
          M  MESSAGES Messages and Codes                
          P  PARMS        Parameters and Options               


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