View WMRCLS not showing all the Report Classes

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    MainView for z/OS


    MainView for z/OS



    The WMRCLS view has filtering to only show Report Classes that have activity.  This can be seen by using the SHOWFILT command and noting that MXISURT > 0 is a condition of the filtering.  This is the total SUs per second.  So Report Classes that have no activity are not shown.  The view could be customized to remove the filtering if desired.
    The WMRCLSR real time view has no such filtering, so it show every Report Class and period.  If anything, the WMRCLSR view should have this same filtering added to eliminate showing many lines with no activity.
    This filtering has existed since the base release of MVzOS 6.1.  Many WLM views do filtering on activity to limit the displaying of classes and workloads that have no activity.

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