Client Management: How to set any device to use a proxy to download patches from the internet

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    Any version of BCM <= 12.9


    I have devices that are set to download patches from the internet instead of downloading them from their parent, but these devices can only access the internet through a proxy.   
       Case A: The master is set to the SaaS Mode   
    Case B: The device is set to "Download patch from internet" in Agent Configuration > Module Configuration > Patch Management  


    The proxy can only be set through the console if it's the patch manager. For other devices it can only be set from the configuration file mtxagent.ini.

    The easiest to proceed is to set this proxy into the patch management configuration:

      - go to the node Patch management > Patch Manager > Your patch manager > Configuration > Proxy Options  
    -   edit the file ../config/mtxagent.ini on the patch manager and copy the section [Proxy] and the 4 lines after
    - backup the file ../config/mtxagent.ini on the client
      - overwrite these lines in the file ../config/mtxagent.ini on the client 
      - restart the service of the client 
      - unassign then reassign this device from the patch group
    Once this will have been validated then the easiest is to:  
      - create an operational rule that will contain 4 steps "Update ini file", each one will update one of the 4 lines
    - create a query that lists all the devices that must be configured to use a proxy to download these files
    - create a dynamic device group from this query
    - assign this device group to this operational rule
    - To know how to set a DMZ relay follow this Knowledge article (KA):   Client Management: Managing Devices Across the Internet with Client Management  
    - This Knowledge Article (KA) explains how to set Case B:   Client Management: How to set agents to download patches themselves from the internet (DownloadPatchAsSaaS)
    - Please consider voting for this idea to have this setting available in the console:   To show the proxy settings for the patch management module into the console


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