What's new: BMC Helix Business Workflows 19.11

Version 2
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    BMC Helix Business Workflows 19.11 is now generally available. The latest release of our Service Management for Lines of Business solution, we have made usability improvements for case agents and managers, automated service request creation, and complex surveys. Most exciting is the addition of Live Chat, so organizations can now provide live chats from HR to Procurement, taking service delivery beyond IT.



    • Complex Surveys (phase one): Agents have direct access to survey responses in BMC Helix Business Workflows. Phase one is limited to the rating and feedback field.
    • Automated Service Request Creation: For cases opened in BMC Helix Business Workflows by agents or inbound email a related Service Request in Digital Workplace is automatically created
    • Live Chat: Agents in BMC Helix Business Workflows can now participate in 'Requestor - Agent' live chats through an embedded UI


    BWF_1911_Live Chat_3.png



    • Email Support for External Users: A new configuration allows emails to be received from any external user

    BWF_1911_Email Support for External Users_Highlight.png


    • Case Resolution Code: Case Business Analysts can make it mandatory for agents to provide a (configurable) resolution code and description before resolving a case
    • License Consumption Reporting: Organizations can easily check if they are license compliant using a new report showing how named or active user counts changed over time


    BWF_1911_License Consumption Reporting.png


    Efficiency & Productivity

    • Automated Case Status Transitions: Define a condition and time interval to automatically move cases to a new status. Automation of status transitions enables, for example, more accurate reporting, when resolved cases are moved automatically to ‘closed’
    • Usability Improvements for Case Agents and Managers:
      • Requestor information is shown when editing cases or tasks
      • Dynamic fields can be grouped to make them easier to access and manage
      • When creating Activity Posts agents can use an @Name annotation to include and notify other agents
      • For Case Managers, access to configuration data is possible and it is read-only




    For complete and full details on the 19.11 release of BMC Helix Business Workflows, click here.