TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor : SNMPTraps not being generated

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    TrueSight Middleware Monitor


    BMC Middleware and Transaction Management


    TrueSight Middleware Transaction Monitor TrueSight Middleware Monitor BMC Middleware and Transaction Management


    SNMP Traps not getting generated after the latest FIxpack/Patch activity due to invalid/not correct module version.



    - Try testing the SNMP script manually and check if there's any trap generated.
    - If the test fails with the below reason, proceed further with next steps.


    Can't locate Net/ in @INC (you may need to install the Net::SNMP module)
    (@INC contains: D:/BMC_Software/MMPA/perl/site/lib D:/BMC_Software/MMPA/perl/lib
    ) at D:\BMC_Software\MMPA\SNMP\ line 222.


    - In the TMTM installation directory, Go to perl subdirectory -> Lib subdirectory -> Net subdirectory -> copy module from there.
    - Next step, paste the copied module from SNMP folder to your perl installation.
    The standard location is the lib/net folder as shared example here(
    - And try to test it again.
    - Ideally, once the SNMP module is loaded with the correct perl version, issue gets resolved.



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