Technicians get randomly Logged out OR their Session's Expire while actively working in Track-It! 2018

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    Track-It! 2019 R3


    Track-It! 2018


    The technician is automatically logged out while actively working in the tech portal in Track-It! 2018


    Long running HangFire queries in the Track-It! 2018 DB.


    The following Query would run ~10000 times every 30 minutes on the SQL Server where the Track-It Database was hosted:

    delete top (1) JQ
    output DELETED.Id, DELETED.JobId, DELETED.Queue
    from [HangFire].JobQueue JQ with (readpast, updlock, rowlock, forceseek)
    where Queue in (@queues1) and (FetchedAt is null or FetchedAt < DATEADD(second, @timeout, GETUTCDATE()))

    The query should not be running this frequently and session should not be timing out when working in Track-It!

    This issue has been corrected in Track-It! 20.19.03 version of Track-It!. If you are using an older version of Track-It!, please upgrade to 20.19.03 version of Track-It!.
    If you are experiencing this issue due to the above cause, please open a new support case.

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