Calculating Storage Above The Line But Below The Bar

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    MainView SYSPROG Services


    Using MainView, how do I exactly calculate the maximum amount of storage that can be allocated above the line (16MB) but below the bar (4GB)? Also, how do I calculate the maximum amount of storage that can be allocated below the line?


    MainView for z/OS does not have views to display this, however MainView for SYSPROG Services MSTORAGE service does.

    The MSTORAGE (MST) service maps virtual storage areas above and below the 16 MB line, including location, length, and percentage used, when applicable.

    Areas common to all address spaces and private area locations specific to the specified address space are displayed, when available.

    The private area above and below the 16 MB line is divided into three sections:

    • LSQA/SWA--allocated from the top of the private area down
    • User-committed private area--allocated from the bottom up
    • Uncommitted area--between the LSQA/SWA and user-committed private area
    The current utilization within the LSQA/SWA and committed private area is displayed. LSQA/SWA can expand into the uncommitted area as needed. Committed private area can expand into the uncommitted private area to the user limit value. 

    Example To display the virtual storage areas for BMVDWP3, type   MSTORAGE,BMVDWP3

    For more information on MSTORAGE, please review our MainView SYSPROG Services User Guide and Reference manual:


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