New CMDB UI - incomplete and no usable flash replacement yet (until at least 19.08)

Version 2
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    Hi Stephen Earl, Sateesh Kulkarni,


    we have already discussed this on a very high management level (me - currently not usable, you - great solution, great overview, great ...), but so it is not helpful. You have to manage your developers and I have to work with the result and keep our CMDB under control. This isn't possible at all with version 19.02, and I didn't see any improvements in the release notes for versions 19.08 and 19.11 (not for on-prem).


    Time is running out against us and the last opportunity for on-prem installations will be the upcoming 20.02 release. Anything you can't do by then, no customer will get installed in his productive environment until December 2020. Maybe you overslept the HTML5 "trend" a little too long, so that it becomes unnecessarily scarce/exciting now. It's not enough if BMC finishes by 12/2020, it's too late.

    Quote Stephen
    We began this work in 17.11 and have continued our progress in every subsequent release with the aim of completing the work in early Calendar 2020
    to provide time for customers to adopt the releases before Adobe formally ends support for the technology at the end of 2020.

    Stephen, after the following list you will surely understand why, after 2 years of work, the marketing statements no longer convince me and why I am very worried about the final product quality in February 2020. You cannot work with a beautiful UI if the functionality is not given!


    Sateesh, there's no need for prioritization. There is no 90% finished with the core functions, it applies: All or nothing!

    Stephen, now to the more demanded concrete statements using the example of the Recon. However, the rest is not so much better.
    Please note that there are many more aspects, but I don't have the time and I don't get paid for BMC quality assurance tasks.


    1. Export / Import  Reconciliation Jobs
      the export/import of Recon Jobs is not possible in the new CMDB UI, but is certainly one of the standard functions of this console. How else is one supposed to save these partly very complex configurations executable.

    2. Missing activities for ReconJobs - Copy, Rename, Delete, Execute Job and Repair
      It may be that the important jobs always also always use Identify, Merge and Purge activities. But that's not all and only the complete set makes the Recon a valuable tool. A simple version created by you is not a solution and makes the Recon almost unusable.

      It's great when only 1 of 3 actions of a real job are supported by the new UI. What do I do if Flash is no longer there?

    3. Identifying multiple datasets in the same identify activity needs dataset information
      The new CMDB UI completely ignores this approach and all existing rules are displayed completely confused and cannot be edited anymore. New rules cannot be created at the moment.

    4. Overview and detailed work in the tables
      I find 10 lines simply too few and set them to at least 25/50 each time. This is apparently not a general configuration, at least I didn't find it. But the really bad thing is, if you click on the 3 element from above on page 1453 and do whatever you want on the following detail page ... correct, there is no way back to page 1453, you land on page 1. Great, if I haven't misused it, it is totally user-unfriendly and unusable.

    5. Overview and wrong Information
      The praised new overview has clear weaknesses when it comes to displaying correct information. The screenshots are taken at exactly the same time, no tricks.
      (Reading aid: Fertiggestellt = Completed, in Bearbeitung = in progress/running)

    Disappointed greetings