BCO_INST_FAIL142: Error while performing Database alignment of table GLOSS_ETLMOD_LOOKUPINFO[1]

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.7.X,11.3.01, 11.5


    Below an error message occurred while upgrading TSCO 10.7.X to 11.3.01 or 11.5 versions and installation failed.

    BCO_INST_FAIL142: Error while performing Database alignment],Detail=[com.neptuny.cpit.util.sql.AlignException: Error during the align process of table 'GLOSS_ETLMOD_LOOKUPINFO': Identified 2 bad lines.
        at com.neptuny.cpit.util.sql.Align.align(Align.java:180)
        at com.neptuny.cpit.util.sql.Align.align(Align.java:111)
        at com.bmc.install.product.bco.BCOScriptRunnerTask.execDBAlignment(BCOScriptRunnerTask.java:1710)
        at com.bmc.install.product.bco.BCOScriptRunnerTask.performValidation(BCOScriptRunnerTask.java:203)
        at com.bmc.install.task.ValidationTask.execute(ValidationTask.java:54)
        at com.bmc.install.task.InstallationTask.run(InstallationTask.java:93)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)

      From /opt/bmc/BCO/installation_logs/align.log found below error message...
      Processing table 'GLOSS_ETLMOD_LOOKUPINFO', mode: 'UPDATE' INSERT Batch commit of 11 rows failed. Reduce batch size to identify BAD rows.
    INFO  Align:239 - INSERT.2 Batch commit of 6 rows failed. Reduce batch size to identify BAD rows.
      WARN  Align:268 - INSERT.2 Bad element detected (java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException ORA-00001: unique constraint (BCO_OWN.LOSS_ETLMOD_LOOKUPINFO_IDX_1) violated ): 154|gm:azu|STRONG|1|PARENT_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME&&VM_NAME||



    - - We found that TSCO installers DB alignment task was unable to update "GLOSS_ETLMOD_LOOKUPINFO" table because of problematic ETL MOD ID 154. <> ORA-00001: unique constraint (BCO_OWN.LOSS_ETLMOD_LOOKUPINFO_IDX_1) violated ): <>


    - - We executed below SQL on TSCO DB to check if there is any data with ETL MOD ID 154...

      select * from GLOSS_ETLMOD_LOOKUPINFO where etlmodid=154;
    If the SQL output is blank then we had decided to re-install the TSCO 11.3.01 but we got below an output from above SQL... 

    154        gm:azu  0   STRONG   PARENT_DEPLOYMENT_GUID&&PARENT_ROLE_NAME&&INSTANCE_NAME                         
    154        gm:azu  2   STRONG               RESOURCE_ID                   
    154        role:azu  0  STRONG               PARENT_DEPLOYMENT_GUID&&ROLE_NAME                              
    154        gm:azu  3   STRONG               CLOUDSERVICE_NAME&&PARENT_ROLE_NAME&&INSTANCE_NAME                       
    154        rg:azu    1   STRONG               RESOURCE_ID                   
    154        cs:azu    0   STRONG               CLOUDSERVICE_NAME                  
    154        depl:azu 0  STRONG               DEPLOYMENT_GUID                      
    154        depl:azu 1  STRONG               RESOURCE_ID                   
    154        gm:azu   0  WEAK                    HOSTNAME                        
    154        role:azu  1  STRONG              CLOUDSERVICE_NAME&&ROLE_NAME                  
    154        svc            0  STRONG               APPLICATION_NAME                     

    - - Executed below SQL on TSCO DB and   deleted problematic ETL MOD ID 154  
      delete from GLOSS_ETLMOD_LOOKUPINFO where etlmodid=154;
      - - Re-ran the setup, re-installed the TSCO 11.3.01 and its ended successfully.


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