TCPIP ports used by Mainview

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    MainView Infrastructure


    6.2 or higher


    PAS task uses different TCPIP ports for communications. For example, before the last IPL it was using 1180: BBMXCL94I TCP/IP Communications Started for MVCSMON With the last IPL it started using 1228: BBMXCL94I TCP/IP Communications Started for MVCSMON So the question is how exactly Mainview picks the TCPIP port and what is the best way to have it use a fixed port?


    According to BMC development, you can assign a static port for each MainView product (service point is displayed in PLEX view) using BBMPORT member concatenated to //BBIPARM DD in PAS PROC JCL.  

    Development has a plan to implement an online interface (from MPD panel.  User can input the static port per the desired MV product and deploy these as needed).

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