Setting an alert in MainView for MQ on a queue that has not had "activity" in a specified period

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    MainView for MQ


    How do we build an alert within MainView for MQ on a queue that has not had  "activity" in x number of minutes? 


    There are fields in MQ views that indicate inactivity:

    On LQ view’s cur-depth: If there is no change to current depth, obviously there is no GET/PUT activities. 
    On QP view, there is also the open, close, put, get and put1 counts that they can check.
    You can locate the field first. Then, set up an alarm on it.
    Now, in the alarm definition, 2nd panel where the condition is defined,
    At the top, you can see 'Persistence'.

    Set it with 3 and severity field such as INFO or Critical with 3.

    Then, with 60 seconds monitoring interval (which is default),  when the last 3 samples meet the condition, it will fire the alarm.

    You can check the online help once you reach the 2nd panel of Alarm Definition - press PF1.

    You will see more detail how this Persistency feature works. It is like n out of m samples concepts.


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