Smart IT - An AR User Floating license is consumed on logon on SmartIT Console without any activity being performed

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    Smart IT v.19.02 and higher.


    When a user access and login into Smart IT (home page) console an AR User Floating license is getting consumed without any activity being performed.
    Is this a expected behavior?.


    As designed in Smart IT 18.05 onward


    This is an expected behavior. There is a Defect SW00543943 - License release/consume behavior does not work properly with RSSO env and is fixed 18.05 onward. 

    SmartIT AR floating license behavior for versions below SmartIT 18.05
    AR Floating License does not get consumed/released upon login/logout to/of SmartIT

    SmartIT AR floating license behavior for versions SmartIT 18.05 onward
    AR Floating License gets consumed/released upon login/logout to/of SmartIT as this is fixed under defect SW00543943 to be consistent with AR Server licensing mechanism.

    Smart IT license release behavior is different in 18.08 and below version & version 19.02.01 onward. Below is difference in behavior in Smart IT 18.08 and 19.02 versions.

      1. In 18.08       
        • AR floating license will be release by 3 ways, By user logout and after Smart IT Tomcat Session Timeout & finally by AR License timeout. But since Tomcat Session timeout is always less hence license should be released by Session Timeout itself.
      3. In 19.02       
        • AR floating license will be released by 2 ways, By user logout and after AR Server Floating License timeout occurs, we no longer release license after Smart IT Tomcat Session Timeout. This is how Mid-Tier works.
      1. Smart IT session is automatically destroyed when last browser window accessing Smart IT is closed. This action is controlled by CCS property : Smart IT session destroy will release AR License in 18.08 and below versions only.
      3. If no action is performed and user is idle on browser, Smart IT session never expires because of polling GET calls of SLA, Timeline calls from Dashboard or Ticket. In this case Smart IT manages last access time in session and automatically call session timeout if last access time difference is greater than Tomcat Session Timeout is configured. This check happens whenever AR call is made from Smart IT. Hence this does not happen automatically and if user resumes session in time license last access time gets refreshed.
       Documents to be referred are :  (Refer Heading : Releasing floating licenses to a license pool)

    Application Licenses behavior:
    Change management floating
    Incident management floating
    Problem Management floating
    Asset Management floating

    When a user with above application floating licenses logins into SmartIT they are granted floating(read) Application license for each modules.  And when they perform any update/create activity for particular module like change ticket creation or update, they are granted with floating(write) license.


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