NGT Copy V12.1  - ACPMAIN looping or gets S0C4 after applying BQU2574

Version 7
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    Next Generation Technology Copy for DB2 for z/OS


    COPY PLUS for DB2


    After applying maintenance that included fix PTF BQU2574 the IVP job goes into a loop during the NGTCOPY step, or abends with a S0C4.  Dump shows module ACPESEC, or job listing shows active load module ACPESEC.


    The ACP$DOPTS had default option ACFORTSS=YES.  The solution is to set this to ACFORTSS=NO.

    Fix BQU2574 introduced an external security bug.  The ACFORTSS options is an old obsolete option and was deprecated back in version 11.2.00.
    Setting ACFORTSS=NO will bypass this external security code bug.

    The ACFORTSS option will be removed in a future SPE release.

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