Search not working in DWP for DWP Catalog Services[1]

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    Search not working in DWP for DWP Catalog Services - when searching for services published from Catalog/SBE, they are not coming up in DWP search results.


    There are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the issue:

    1) Check to ensure that in file of <tomcat-directory>/external-conf/, save the changes and restart servers

    2) Rebuild/refresh search cache by running the following command in the SBE docker container:

      source ./bin/  
    ./bin/ hannah_admin@<tenant name> <Hannah password>   
    ./bin/service/ -f 
    3) Verify that Server Group Operation Ranking for Full Text Index of all servers in the server group of the SBE servers (login to User tool as Demo and open the forms) - restart the servers after making the change 

    4) You can also verify the AR System Multi-form search from the SBE server (login as hannah_admin) and see if search is working there 


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