Atrium CMDB - Atrium Explorer/New CMDB UI does not obey tenant specific access permissions while searching for CIs

Version 6
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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    AtriumCore 1808


    The Atrium Explorer/Configuration Manager Dashboard provides full access to all attributes and relationships of all CIs independent of the tenant.

    The issue can be reproduced with the following steps:
    - Configure a user with Asset Viewer permission and access to company "A" and "B".
    - Create a CI that belongs to another Company (e.g. "C") in the BMC.Asset dataset

    This CI is not visible for the above user in the asset console as well as in the cmdb forms.
    By using the Atrium Explorer/New CMDB UI ,the same user can search for the CI without any issue.


    This is a defect and will be fixed in the Configuration Manager Dashboard in AtriumCore 20.02 or later



      Follow the below steps to resolve the issue.
    • Remove Asset Admin from CMDB Console Admin Group in Group form
    • In Roles form, change the mapping for CMDB Data View All Role to point to CMDB RE User Group instead of CMDB Data View All.
       The same steps as above will be added as a fix in the code in AtriumCore 20.02 version or later.   


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