BMC80561E message during Recovery testing

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    Testing recovery jobs fail on a cold site mainframe.  The first recovery manager job to recover the catalog and bootstraps failed in step ARM00020 with message BMC80561E which indicates running on an unauthorized mainframe. 

    It's true that there is no license there because this system is only for tests. All other BMC software runs with a warning but it appears recovery manager won't. 


    BMC has always required temporary password keys at DR sites.  Recovery Manager will require a temporary password at the DR site.

    In the failed Recovery step output, notice that there is no product or solution name after the title line.  That means no password was found. 

    If recovery finds a password (ARM or RMD or BRY), there would be a soft failure when running on different hardware.  Since no password was found, no checking could be done.

    An ARMTBL3P or RMDTBL3P or BRYTBL3P module must exist in the STEPLIB concatenation to allow execution.

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