Remedy - DSO - Distributed Server Operations (DSO) message: "Running in placeholder mode so no pending entries processed on this server access to the AR System server"

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System DSO v.9.1.04 and above (below v.19.08).


    DSO process is not transferring the data and always getting the below error/message.
    ALWAYS DSOServer  - 1997 Running in placeholder mode so no pending entries processed on this server access to the AR System server


    Partial Defect: SW00557292


    It has been identified that during the server startup the DSO process is reading the DSO-Placeholder-Mode as 'T' and save its object in memory, which leads the DSO to run in the Placeholder mode and not processing any records.
    The AR Server updates the DSO-Placeholder-Mode property more than once during the startup time, first it is for example with F (as set in ar.cfg/ar.conf and the Centralized Configuration form).
    As the startup progresses it changes to
    T and after finishing the startup it saves it back as F so the observation is DSO is reading the property when it is set to T while server startup is still in progress, instead of reading it after successful server startup or reading from the ar.cfg/ar.conf or the Centralized Configuration form.

    Workaround: After the AR server/service restart do a manual restart of the DSO Process from Task Manager or killing the process in Linux to let the armonitor restart it again automatically.
    NOTE: Once this is done, DSO reads the property correctly and do not run in placeholder mode.

    From version 19.08 this behavior does not longer appear after a code fix to override the Placeholder-Mode property in DSO to "false".
    For versions lower than v.19.08 please apply the workaround explained above.

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