MainView SRM Abend S0C4 in PRS41700 at offset x'????'

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    MainView SRM Allocation


    MainView SRM Allocation


    MainView SRM Allocation Release 7.9


    Job encounters an abend in MainView SRM. The  abend is an  S0C4 in PRS41700 at offset x'????'


    An abend in PRS41700 at offset x'????' usually is not an actual MainView SRM problem. The ESTAE for PRS41700 has trapped an abend in another vendor's code, whether it is IBM, or another 3rd party product. The offset of x'????' indicates that MainView SRM could not determine the offset location of the abend in the vendor's code. 

    Use IPCS to investigate the svcdump that is generated, and contact the vendor for the load module that is taking the actual abend. 

    If you are unable to determine the abending vendor code, open  a case with BMC Software, so that BMC can investigate.

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