What FIXCAT categories are provided by BMC?

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    Most BMC MainView, Db2 and IMS products


    What FIXCAT categories are provided by BMC?



    FIXCAT provides the capability to identify maintenance based on specific fix categories. A Fix category might be used to support:

    • A particular hardware device
    • New release of software / operating system 
    • Provide a particular software function

    Fix categories are provided in the form of SMP/E FIXCAT HOLDDATA statements. BMC uses the same FIXCAT format as IBM and other vendors.

    For a list of BMC FIXCAT categories, please refer to the table at https://docs.bmc.com/docs/is/fixcat-data-811102256.html

    The SMP/E REPORT MISSINGFIX command can be used to identify PTFs for particular fix categories that are missing in your Target zone. Please refer to Knowledge Article 000175604 (How do I run the SMP/E MISSINGFIX report for BMC FIXCAT categories?) for details on how to run this.


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