Need to update case status automatically? BMC Helix Business Workflows 19.11 enables you to automate

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    As a case business analyst, you can automate case status updates to provide quicker case resolution, eliminate human errors, and reduce case agents' effort.

    You can create a case status transition configuration that defines the following options:

    • A condition to trigger the configuration
    • Time interval after which you want to activate the configuration
    • The status to which you want to transition a case

    When the condition to trigger the configuration is met, the status of the case is automatically updated to the status specified in the configuration.

    For example, a case agent wants to change the status of cases that are in the Resolved status to Closed. A case business analyst configures automatic case transition of such cases. When the configuration is active, the status of all cases that are in the Resolved status is changed to Closed. The case agent then verifies the status change.

    The following image shows the option to add automatic case status transition configuration:

    1911_automated case transition.png

    For more information about how to configure automatic case status transitions, see Automatically changing case status.