TrueSight Operations Management Reporting Updating Daylight-saving information in the Reporting database for the year 2020 and later

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    TrueSight Operations Management Reporting


    TrueSight Operations Management Reporting


    TrueSight Operations Management Reporting 10.7, 11.3.x version


    The TrueSight Operations Management Reporting database does not contain information about daylight saving for the period after 31 December 2019. This might cause the following issues:

    • Data would not be available in the hourly and daily data tables in the Reporting database.
    • Daylight saving time would not be calculated, which would result in an incorrect time difference.



    To resolve this issue, install the attached hotfix before 31 December 2019. Do the following:

    1. Depending on the TrueSight Operations Management Reporting version that you are using, download and extract one of the following hotfix files:     
      • Version 9.5: readme_TSOM_Reporting_950200010
      • Version 9.6: readme_TSOM_Reporting_9600000010
      • Version 10.0: readme_TSOM_Reporting_1000000010
      • Version 10.7: readme_TSOM_Reporting_1070000010
      • Version 11.3.01: readme_TSOM_Reporting_1130100010
      • Save the file in a temporary folder and extract all the files.
    3. Connect to the  TrueSight Operations Management  Reporting database with the Report Engine user name and password and run the following command:     
      • (Oracle) rpt_timezone_oracle.sql
      • (SQL Server) rpt_timezone_mssql.sql


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