Remedy - FTS - Disable MFS/FTS property on field overlay has not affect

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System Server v8.x, v9.x, v19.x


    1. Overlay an out-of-the-box field that has MFS/FTS property set to True in Base Mode.
        For example the table field under Work Detail panel of incident form.
    2. Change MFS/FTS property to False.


        - FTS Indexing is still happening on the field.
        - Still able to search from 'global search'.

        No FTS indexing or FTS/MFS search on the disabled FTS/MFS overlay field.


    Not a problem. Working as designed.


    As per the current documentation -  Defining a field for FTS
    If FTS property exists for an out-of-the-box field, use base form to remove this property.

    To add or remove FTS property on an overlay field and a custom field, use the overlay form.

    (NOTE the last line means If the field is out-of-the-box and does not already have FTS/MFS property then you can overlay form and add/remove FTS/MFS.)

    Further clarification:
    If "Index For MFS = False" in overlay mode and "Index For MFS = True" in base mode.

        - Server will still be indexing the field as there is a option in server which allows server to run in base mode so if anytime customer is running the server in base mode it still requires to search using MFS.
        - To remove MFS/FTS from out-of-the-box field, you need to disable MFS/FTS at base mode.
          Once this is done, there is no FTS_INDEXER activity on the that field
    . There is no MFS/FTS search on that field.

        - During upgrade these base mode changes will be lost. So remember to make a note of the disabled MFS/FTS fields prior to upgrade.


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