Remedy - Server - Application-Bus-Time-Add does not calculate holiday time if server is running in UK date format (DD/MM/YYYY) format

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System Server v9.1.03


    The scenario goes:

    1. Create custom form with three fields.

         - Date Field (UserDate)
         - Integer (No_Of_Days)
         - Date Field (NewDate)
       Save the form.

    2. Create active link on custom form on modify action.
         - No Run if qualification is required.
         - Set field mapping.
            NewDate = $PROCESS$ @@:Application-Bus-Time-Add "$UserDate$" "$No_Of_Days$" "4" "BusinessHolidays" ""

    3. Flush the Midtier cache. Login to Midtier.

    4. Open the form : Business Time Holidays

         - Create new entry with Schedule Name = BusinessHolidays
         - In Holidays: Add recent date where holiday should be considered (notice date is saved in US format)

    5. Open custom form in Midtier.
         - Create a dummy entry.
         - Open the created entry.
         - Select the date in UserDate field and select any number in No_Of_Days field and click save.

    NewDate field does not calculate the date considering holiday from Business Time Holidays form for holiday : BusinessHolidays

    NewDate field calculates correct date considering holiday from Business Time Holidays form for holiday : BusinessHolidays



    Problem in Appliation-Bus-Time function calculation.


    Business Time Holidays form saves date in US format. This is as designed. 
    Even though the date format in Business Time Holidays is US and server is setup as UK locale, 'Application-Bus-Time' calculates and shows the dates correctly.
    More information on Business Time Holiday form here Scheduling Holidays

    As a workaround manually edit Business Time Holiday form and change the date to UK date format. Rerun the test gives correct calculation.


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