Assist users by using Live Chat

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    As a case agent, you can now assist users to resolve their requests through chats. By using the Live Chat option in BMC Helix Business Workflows 19.11, you can chat with users to help resolve user their requests. The Live Chat option enables you to act as a live agent by using the Live Chat interface to participate in chat sessions. You can participate in a chat session, understand the user request through chats, and resolve the request. You can also create a case based on a chat session, if required.

    Consider a scenario where an employee has a payroll related request. The following actions describe how a case agent assists the user to resolve the request:

    1. The employee interacts with BMC Helix Chatbot to get the request resolved. However, the employee is not satisfied with the chatbot responses and wants to interact with an agent.
    2. The employee is routed through Live Chat to an agent in BMC Helix Business Workflows who is assigned to the Payroll queue.
    3. The employee starts a chat with the agent from the web UI of BMC Helix Chatbot.
    4. The agent checks for resources and shares a knowledge article to help the employee with the request.
    5. The employee uses the article. However, the article does not help the employee resolve the request. The agent creates a case, provides the case ID to the employee, and closes the chat session.

    The following image shows a chat session:

    1911_Live Chat.png

    For information about how to integrate BMC Helix Business Workflows with Live Chat and how to assist a user by using the Live Chat option, see Configuring BMC Helix Business Workflows to work with Live Chat and Assisting users by using Live Chat.