BMC Helix Integration Service web events

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    This is the place to be where to find Web Conferencing, Webcasts and Webinars around BMC Helix Integration Service.


    Based customer feedback, partners and BMC employees inputs we plan to have the following webinars


    • Product Overview (Talk about the product in general, Basic Use cases, Benefits for customers)
    • Flow Designers Demonstration – OTOB (Using OTOB templates to demonstrate an integration, Incident brokering flows as an example)
    • Flow Designers Demonstration Basic (Take a real time scenario and show how a flow is designed, walk through the flow designer interface, explaining trigger action etc. ITSM to Jira Usecase)
    • Flow Designer Demonstration – Advance (Use flow designer for a complex use case, explaining conditions, Transformations)
    • Developing a Custom Connector
    • Basic debugging (Basic “How to”, error logs, environment setup and other infra items)
    • Dashboards and reports
    • PSR integration
    • Where can I find – walk through of documentation in BMC documents and other useful resources


    While we find these topics will be useful, we are open for any suggestions, comments or feedback on it.


    Make sure you bookmark this document for more details around the upcoming webinars.