Automatically transfer a chat conversation to specialized chatbots

Version 2
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    BMC Helix Chatbot version 19.11 enables you to train chatbots to automatically transfer a conversation to another specialized chatbot. This results in a quicker resolution of issues for the end-users.


    BMC Helix Chatbot provides Transfer Chatbot Template with the out-of-the-box IBM Watson Assistant Skills. The template includes a dialog node to enable transfer to another chatbot.


    • To use the out-of-the-box Skills, administrators must duplicate the template and then modify it with appropriate values of the line-of-business chatbots.
    • To use custom Skills, administrators must create a new dialog node in each chatbot Skills to enable the transfer.


    The following is an example of how a conversation is transferred to a specialized chatbot:

    Transfer between chatbots.png

    For more information about how to create intents and modify Transfer Chatbot Template, see Configuring the dialog nodes to enable transfer between chatbots