Enable real-time translation to localize BMC Helix Chatbot 19.11

Version 3
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    Localizing chatbot conversations no longer require multiple IBM Watson Assistant Skills for each language. You can now leverage Google Cloud Translation Services or Microsoft Translator Speech API to enable real-time translation in a chatbot. For localized live chat, use the same Google Cloud Translation Service API in BMC Virtual Chat.


    This enables you to support more languages by using just one chatbot in English.


    Real-time translation provides the following benefits:

    • Eliminate the need to create multiple IBM Watson Assistant Skills for each language. If you already have localized Skills, you can continue using them and simply enable real-time translation to support additional languages.
    • Select chatbots for which you want to enable real-time translation.
    • Easily test real-time translation for chatbot before implementing it in the production environment.


    In addition to chatbots, you can also enable real-time translation in an application that is developed on BMC Helix Platform by using the Translation Service Provider REST API.


    Here’s an example of a chat conversation in French:

    RTT interaction in French.png

    For more information about the scenario and workflow to enable real-time translation in chatbots, see Localizing chatbot conversations by using real-time translation