BMC Helix Remedyforce How to Add Fields to the Task Form Mobile App.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    How to Add the Fields that are Shown in the Task Form Mobile App.


    1. Log  into your org as Administrator.
    2. Go to Setup > Create > Objects
    3. On the Create and Edit Objects, from the Objects list, select Task and then select Field Sets.
    4. Click Edit for the Salesforce1 – Task Details field set.
    5. In the In the Field Set list, drag the fields you need to add to the Task Form.
    6. Click Save it.
    7. Verify the changes on the Mobile App.


    • Dependent Picklist and Text Area (Rich) type fields are not supported.
    • BMC recommends that you add no more than 20 fields to the Salesforce1 - Incident Details and Salesforce1 - Task Details field sets. If you add more than 20 fields, only the first 20 fields that you added are displayed on the Incident and Task forms.
    • The Service Desk mobile app is specific only to incident and task management. If you add the Request Definition field to the Salesforce1 - Incident Details field set, the field does not work.


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