ARSList is dead, long live ARSList Community!

Version 1
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    For many of us, the ARSlist was our go-to for help and to support each other in the years before BMC Communities were around. The discussions that were once held on the ARSlist have since moved to Remedy AR System, Remedy ITSM and CMDB here on the BMC Communities.


    At the end of November 2019 the ARSlist has will be shutdown for posting. The archives will remain online as a source of historical knowledge and antics. While the original ARSlist is gone there is still a place where "listers" can communicate with each other here on the BMC Communities.

    To participate simply join the ARSList private group.

    If you are new to BMC Communities or having trouble logging with an old account that you created a while back, please contact Customer Care ( so they can reactivate your old profile or connect it to your new Email address.