How to create Log Audit on a Remedy form (includes Video)

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    Auditing is not available OOTB for few applications like RKM. I need to capture a random issue wherein Prod/Op Categorizations fields gets modified on a knowledge article and we are not sure which user (system/logged in user) does these changes. We want to enable auditing so that these fields changes can be captured.

    How to create Log style auditing to capture such behavior?

    AR-ITSM 9.1 (applicable to all later versions too)



      Following are the steps to create Log style Auditing on the RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager form capturing Categorization fields:
      1)    Using Developer Studio, create an overlay of "RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager" form
      2)    Create its View Overlay too
      3)    Then go to "Definitions" tab >> Other Definitions >> and set "Overlay Type" menu value to "Overwrite"
      4)    Go to "Audit" and specify below values:
            >   Audit Style = Log
            >   Audit State = Enable
            >   Audit only changed fields = Yes
            >   Log Form = <type in some name for the new audit form you want the system to create, say, "RKM:KnowledgeAuditLog_custom"
      5)    Save the form
      6)    Now if go to "Forms" list and you will see above new audit form got created in the system with the 'Type' as "Audit". This is the form we will use to capture auditing on categorization fields, to find evidence on the issue occurrence.
      7)    Back on the parent form "RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager", "Definitions tab >> Other Definitions >> Audit", re-select "Log Form" = "RKM:KnowledgeAuditLog_custom" using the menu this time.
      8)     Go to "Display View" tab, and under "Categorization" tab, open Field Property of each Operational & Product Tier field (i.e. all six fields, one by one) and perform below:
            >   Overlay Type = Overwrite
            >   Under Attributes, select "Audit Option" = Audit
            >   Save the changes
      9)     Flush Midtier cache once above changes are done.
      => As a test, you may make any changes on the Prod Cat or Opt Cat of any of the Knowledge Article, and then perform a search on this new form "RKM:KnowledgeAuditLog_custom" to find the captured audit record. "Fields Changed" and "Log" fields will have the information about the modified fields/values with appropriate Action field set (refer below documentation for different values of Action field)  .
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