How do I install Java Fixpack 3.4.12 for MVCM?

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    MainView Console Management for zEnterprise - Base


    What is the best procedure for installing Java Viewer Fixpack 3.4.12, which is necessary for MVCM Java requirements


    The "Automation and Java Viewer Fixpack 3.4.12" package only contains the Windows viewer files for the "Downloads" MVCM page (our operator apps packaged with a private copy of Windows OpenJDK 11).
    First the base 3.4.12 must be installed. This has sufficient updates from 3.4.10 that it is a full product upgrade contained in the "MainView Console Management Version 3.4.12 for zEnterprise" package. An upgrade is done in the same way as the original install:

    1. Transfer the package file "BMC-MVCM-3.4.12.tar.gz" to the Linux server.
    3. Login to the Linux command line and extract with the command "tar xvfz BMC-MVCM-3.4.12.tar.gz".
    5. Change directory to BMC-MVCM-3.4.12 containing the install scripts and files.
    7. Run "./" just to check if there are any new product requirements that your server needs (not really necessary since 3.4.12 has same requirements as 3.4.10, but recommended any time you do an upgrade).
    9. Run "./" to do the upgrade: currently running MVCM services are stopped, 3.4.10 files are uninstalled, 3.4.12 files are installed, MVCM services are restarted.
    11. After 3.4.12 is installed then use the Install Add-on to add the viewer fixpack.
    Sometimes a collection of bug fixes are packaged as a web-installable patch file (there is a 3.4.11 patch), sometimes they are packaged as a full product upgrade. 3.4.12 includes all of the 3.4.11 fixes and more and was large enough that we went the full upgrade route.


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