How to set thresholds in a View on MainView Explorer

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    How to set thresholds in a View on MainView Explorer 


    When you are on a view on MainView Explorer pick a coloumn you need to Add threshold to. Right click on the header of the column and a drop down menu with an option "Edit Thresholds" appear, third from the top is the Edit Thresholds option, select it and an another drop down opens up with conditions. 

    Select or modify conditions by clicking on the value under condition and press enter. 
    To modify attributes on the second coloumn, click on the particular row of attribute a drop down comes and you can pick whichever color code you would like to give for particular condition. Remember, you have to give colors from high critical color level to low critical level colors, if colors are repeated your thresholds would not work as expected. So once attributes are selected, select OK. 

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    One more change is to add filters, if you need to see only specific Jobs you can right click on the header of the Jobname coloumn header and select filter and give your filter Example: ='MV' ; Equal to MV in single quotes here will list only the jobs that starts with the letters MV, once you finish filtering Press 'OK' 

    Save: After making all the changes you wanted, Save it by Pressing on Save button that looks like floppy disk from the available options. A pop windows prompts, Give it a View Name and meaningful description and Press Save as shown. 

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