How do I find name tokens in a dump?

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    How do I find name tokens in a dump? 


    When someone is in a dump is looking for Name token and doesn't know where to find it, they have to look for it  in storage or in the copy of the memory of the dump or active system under XDC (X - Output, D - Dataset, C - Close after print). Usually one would like to see the chain of Name tokens and see how they are organized. Added notes is to show how it looks like. 

    So the answer is Name tokens are found in the Memory/storage of the dump. See below notes: 

    001839 ======NAMETOKEN GLOBAL NTTH>NTTE========
    001840 IP RUNC ADD(10?+8C?+8C?) AMA(X'7FFFFFFF') LINK(X'40') DIS LEN(X'48') VER
    001841 ======NAMETOKEN ASID NTTP=============
    001842 IP RUNC ADD(ASCB7+150?+DC?) ASID(7) LINK(X'40') DIS LEN(X'48') VER
    001843 ======NAMETOKEN TCB  NTTP=============
    001844 IP RUNC ADD(ASCB7+6C?+4?) ASID(7) LINK(116) EXEC((L X+138?+C8 LEN(4))

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